Rodriguez suspended for his simultaneous yellow cards

Mexican FIFA referee Marco Rodriguez, also known as “Chiquimarco”, has been suspended by the Mexican Referees Committee for five matches following his performance in the Mexican Apertura 2011 Final between Tigers and Santos, where he sent off 3 players and handed out 7 yellow cards. In min. 56, Rodriguez showed two yellow cards simultaneously, one for Hector Mancilla and one for Carlos Morales.
The general secretary of the Mexican Football Federation, Decio de Maria, said that "showing two yellow cards simultaneously is not considered in the Laws of the Game and Rodriguez was not supposed to do it. He was suspended by the Referees Committee for not following the rules. I cannot tell you how long is his suspension, but Rodriguez did not referee in the first two rounds of the championship and I can assure you that he will be out for a few more games”. Mario Trejo, Puma’s director, who attended a meeting at the Mexican Football Federation, confirmed that the suspension is for 5 matches: "It is very clear that Rodriguez got sanctioned for his two yellow cards. I think he is out for five games. He is one of our top referees, but sometimes he makes mistakes".
Marco Rodriguez is known for being a very strict referee who gives out many yellow and red cards. At 38, he already took part in two FIFA World Cups (2006, 2010) and currently is one of the two Mexican referee candidates for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Source: Milenio