French AR accused of racism

The president of France's Professional Football League (LFP), Frederic Thiriez, has called for an investigation into claims Auxerre's Kamel Chafni was racially abused by a linesman. Chafni, a Morocco international, was sent off following an altercation with the assistant referee, Johann Perruaux, in the 55th minute of Auxerre's 1-0 loss at Brest in the French top flight on Saturday. The midfielder had to be restrained by his team-mates, as well as players from Brest, and as he left the pitch, following a delay of five minutes, he told television cameras he had been the victim of racist abuse. Moroccan Chafni claimed assistant referee Johann Perruaux told him “get lost, Arab”. Chafni reported it to referee Tony Chapron, but was booked and then sent off. "There is a foul that is not sanctioned, I got to the assistant referee to tell him it's not normal. He answers: 'get lost, Arab’. I go to the centre referee and I tell him what happened and he gives me a yellow card. I tell him it is unacceptable and he shows me a red card", Chafni told L'Equipe. Bourgoin also claimed that players from Brest had verified Chafni's version of events, but Chapron later insisted that there had been no racist remarks made by Perruaux. "I refute any accusation concerning these words. I know him too well for him to have said these words", said Chapron.
Johann Perruaux, the assistant referee accused by Auxerre's Moroccan international Kamel Chafni of racially abusing him, denied the allegation on Monday. Perruaux said in a statement sent to AFP that while he had reacted in a lively fashion when confronted by Chafni during the Ligue 1 match between Auxerre and Brest on Saturday he had not resorted to racial abuse. "I formally deny all claims that I made racist remarks," said Perruaux. "Even if I reacted strongly, following the remarks made by M. Chafni and his aggressive attitude towards me, I formally deny all allegations of racist abuse. I am at the disposition of the judicial authorities that M. Chafni has indicated he will go to, and have all the evidence necessary in my possession," added Perruaux, who was referring to the earpieces the officials wear and which records exchanges between individuals. Perruaux said that he too was looking to take legal action. "I have asked my advisors to do all that is necessary so that a complaint for defamation can be filed," he said. "I will make no further comment on this affair but I will obviously give all the explanations concerning the incident to the sports commissions who have been assembled to consider it”, said Perruaux.
After two days, Auxerre midfielder Kamel Chafni and assistant referee Johann Perruaux have settled their dispute over alleged racist remarks made by the official in a Ligue 1 game last weekend. "They had a telephone conversation. Mr. Perruaux has confirmed that, after Mr. Chafni had contested (a decision), he told him: 'Get lost.' That he regretted this reaction. That he did not racially abuse Mr. Chafni in any way. Mr. Chafni has accepted to consider this statement as true", a joint statement by Chafni and Perruaux read on Auxerre's web site.

Source: Reuters / SkyNews