The drama of Carlos Torres

After surgery for a torn meniscus, doctors who attended the international referee from Paraguay found a more serious injury, so Carlos Torres will undergo another surgery and will miss the rest of the year. The drama of Carlos Torres Nunez (Paraguay) does not seem to finish. In May, he suffered meniscus tear in his right knee, so he underwent surgery almost immediately. His recovery for this type of intervention was about a month, so he thought would come on time to represent Paraguay in Copa America. Unfortunately, he did not pass the fitness tests and was replaced by his rival, Carlos Amarilla. Three months after that operation, Torres met with another problem. "It's something new from the standpoint that I'm aware, but it's also something old, caused by a worn cartillage, which gives me much pain. Training is practically impossible. It was discovered after the operation of the rupture of the meniscus, which may have resulted from the bad footing”, he explained. The referee also said it will only be solved with another surgery that will happen in the late fall or winter. Because of that, he is in danger of being removed from the FIFA List for next year.

Source: Revista Arbitros