10 Match Officials failed the fitness test

Initially, 18 (out of 40) match officials failed the fitness test, but FIFA decided to offer a second chance to those who managed to fully recover within 48 hours. At the re-test, 10 assistant referees, Yaser Abdulla (BHR), Khaled Al-Allan (BHR), Ricardo Ake (BLZ), Stephen Brown (JAM, photo), Dion Neil (TRI, photo), Alejo Castany (ARG), Gustavo Esquivel (ARG), Emmanuel Boisdenghien (FRA), Angelo Boonman (NED), Frank Andas (NOR),  failed the fitness test held in Mexico, just days before the FIFA U-17 World Cup. In spite of their own trio policy, FIFA decided to send home only those who failed the fitness test, not the entire trio, as they previously did during the last two World Cup cycles. One of the lucky referees is Raymond Bogle (JAM), who will get appointments at the U-17 World Cup, although both his assistants failed the fitness test and were sent home. A clarification on the developing story is that Bogle was successful in the rigid test at high-altitude Mexico City, said a source. However, the source added that Brown, an assistant referee, and Trinidadian Neil, who was also selected to run the lines at the youth tourney, were among the 8 match officials who failed to persevere in an environment sitting 2,240 metres above sea level.
Bogle has been subsequently heard in a radio interview confirming this. "I know I did my part; it's unfortunate that others didn't make it, but that's just how life is. It's really sad because I hate to see my brothers falling, but I did what I had to do under very tough conditions...," Bogle said in a radio interview. "I persevered and it was really, really tough to witness what I witnessed yesterday," Bogle said yesterday from Mexico.
It is the first time that so many match officials have failed fitness tests ahead of a major FIFA tournament, it is being said. But considering it's Mexico, it's not surprising to many. The organisers will replace those who did not pass the physical, as the tournament starts in few days' time. Nine additional match officials were listed as reserves, but with the unexpected high number of original officials failing, they will get to referee U-17 World Cup games. (Source: The Observer)
The Dutch FA media officer offered more details: "The test was in very heavy circumstances at a height of 2400 meters above see level, while the temperature was above thirty degrees Celsius. We understood that at first 18 of 40 referees faild the test. Boonman was not eligible for a second chance, because he did not recover optimally. Only a restricted number of referees could do the test again". (Source: De Telegraaf)