Chenard: "Referees are perfectionists"

“I have been refereeing since I was 16,” Carol Anne Chenard, who will be on duty at the FIFA Women’s World Cup Germany 2011, told “I started refereeing children’s games, just as a way for me to put a little extra money aside for college, but I enjoyed it so much and I got such good feedback that I decided to put more into it. And in 2006 I became an international referee.”

The chance to officiate at Germany 2011 is a dream come true for the 34-year-old and will add a new dimension to an international career that is already studded with achievement. Asked to pick out her favourite games to date, she is unequivocal: “The semi-final of the U-20 World Cup Chile 2008 between France and Korea DPR, which was also a racism awareness day, and the final of the U-20 World Cup Germany 2010 between the hosts and Nigeria. One of the most important things is getting your concentration back when something happens. "Once you have made a decision you can’t go back or have any doubts about it. You need to keep going, stay sure of yourself and handle the pressure, and all while keeping an eye on your assistants too. Referees are perfectionists. We always want to get it right, but that’s not possible, especially with the speed you have to make decisions at.” In fact, the modern game is so fast and such is the level of concentration demanded of referees that she is rarely able to enjoy a game: “There is no time. You watch the game in a different way. You are watching the ball, checking your position and looking out for everything that’s happening on the pitch, watching the play in a different way to the fans.”

“We’ll be refereeing the greatest women players in the world on the best possible stage,” said Chenard in reference to Germany 2011. “It’s the fulfilment of a dream. We have been working together as a group of referees for a long time now. We are friends and colleagues, and we are strong and ready for the challenge.”

Source: FIFA