Ricci announces his retirement from refereeing

Brazilian referee Sandro Ricci, recently returned from the 2018 World Cup in Russia and participated in the recording of the program Altas Horas, Rede Globo, that will air this Saturday, 21 July 2018. Ricci stated in the program that he will retire from refereeing after having participated in the World Cup. 
Ricci achieved a great feat with his two consecutive World Cups, totaling 6 games, which puts him only behind Carlos Simon, with 7 games in 3 editions (2002, 2006 and 2010). It is not yet certain what will be the future of Ricci in the sporting environment. He is a public employee and currently works for the Ministry of Mines and Energy. One of the suspicions is that he could join the team of TV Globo refereeing commentators, since Arnaldo Cezar Coelho, who refereed the 1982 World Cup final in Spain, also announced his retirement at the end of the World Cup and should only work until December, when his contract ends. All three referees mentioned (Ricci, Simon and Coelho) were biographed in the book "Great Referees of Brazilian Football", recently released.

Source: RefNews