Marciniak will referee in Asia and USA

Polish FIFA referee Szymon Marciniak accepted offers from three countries and this is why we will be seeing it less often in Polish Ekstraklasa next season. He even had an offer to permanently move to China.
Not only Polish footballers, but also referees are preparing to go to the 2018 World Cup. Szymon Marciniak was among the European referees who recently became one of the best in his field. This, in turn, is also appreciated on other continents, which is why we will be seeing him less often on the Polish fields next season. As reported by the portal, the referee from Płock accepted as many as three proposals for refereeing matches in other countries. The first came from the American MLS, where the refereeing boss is the famous Howard Webb. The Englishman persuaded Marciniak to come several times for 2-3 weeks and during this time he will be refereeing games there. We will also see the 37-year-old referee in Saudi Arabia. Our compatriot signed a referee contract with the local federation for 12 matches. A specific proposal was also made by the Chinese Super League, who tempted Marciniak to work in their country throughout the season. The Pole would make a good profit because he got an offer of $600,000. He finally rejected it, because he could not referee Champions League and Europa League matches. In China, however, he will appear several times, on similar terms as in the United States. Szymon Marciniak must therefore prepare for a very busy season. Polish Ekstraklasa, European cups, matches of the national team, and several trips to the USA, Saudi Arabia and China. He did not have such a busy schedule yet.

Source: SportoweFakty